Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group is mindful of its corporate social responsibility and regularly participates in activities in community services. For a number of years, the Group, together with its major shareholders, the Wong’s Family, supported the philanthropical visits of Operation Smile China to a number of cities in China to operate on children with congenital hare lips and cleft palates respectively. The Group also encourages its employees to participate in charitable or community activities such as charity walks, visits to the aged and the rendering of domestic helping services.



2015/2016 Congratulations on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) achievements and being awarded the Caring Company Logo. Our colleague, Debbie Yu, Sandy Lau and Davy Lin have been nominated as Caring Ambassadors, in recognizing their contributions in the corporate community involvement programmes.



10/04/2015 Inauguration Dinner of 48th Term Board of Directors



08/12/2015 Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Association of Hong Kong (BGCA)



13/11/2014 Wong’s International Holdings Limited was sponsored 100pcs of USB Adaptor for OIOO Tablet and 100pcs of OIOO Tablet Model 2 to Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wah San Secondary School.



22/11/2014 Wong’s International Holdings Limited was sponsored an Talent Charity Show held by United Christian Hospital (UCH) on November 22, 2014. The Group has donated HK$150,000 for the whole event.